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Mac Miller Fucking Sucked


Date: October 31st, 2019

Written by: Princess Link

A year ago, we lost Mac Miller. Some people say that he's one of the greatest rappers of all time. I even saw one person say he was the greatest white rapper ever. Which is the stupidest thing I've read in a while, but it'll be topped later today I'm sure. I'm never disappointed by the stupidity of most people.

But I wanted an informed opinion on the newest dead depression icon. I feel it's my civic duty.

And guess what? He fucking sucks.


Forget complaining about "mumble rap." That's only a fraction of the problem. It's all of modern rap. Even the shit with legible lyrics. I don't understand why you people glomb onto this moaning, clicky rap. It has no fucking substance whatsoever.


First of all, I can't understand the words because he's so doped up on Xanax his tongue won't move. Plus, if I only listened to music for the words I'd listen to spoken poetry. In fact, I'd rather listen to spoken poetry because there's no awful clicky beat in the way of the words.


It's like, people are on the cusp of realizing that this shit sucks but their mental programming won't allow them to hit that point of no return. Like, people said that Eminem's album Kamikaze was terrible. And it was. But they don't realize that it's terrible because he tried to replicate all these shitty clicky rap beats that you people glomb onto. You hold him to a higher standard, but you hold everyone else to no standards whatsoever. It's bullshit. It's all terrible. Kamikazee was as bad as all music is now. Period.


I'll say.


So here's the cycle. Cheesy Mac puts out a song, and the beat just sounds like "chill anime beats to study to", like all the rest of this shit. This is what happens when you pop Xanax as your fuel. I put it on just so I could piss myself off enough to write more about how much this guy fucking sucked. I don't give a shit that this talentless drip is dead. Stupid fuck had a DUI and could have killed innocent people because "wahhh I'm such a victim to my substance addiction!" Don't start taking the Xanax and you won't get addicted, dipshit.

I hate how much you're told that you should just bow to your depression. Fuck that. Stop bowing to your sadness. They're trying to reprogram you, beat you down and make you a victim to your own mind. Don't ever let your brain think it's smarter than you.

No. This guy had no talent. And I'm not just going to pretend he did just because he was stupid enough to get himself killed by the very drugs he was addicted to.

This 2010s shit isn't hip hop. It's shit plop.

I'm scrolling this dipshit's tracklisting and getting annoyed. "Self Care", "Hurt Feelings." Grow some fucking balls. Jesus Christ. Why's your life so hard? You had to fuck Ariana Grande? So sorry for your fucking loss.


You could leave one mumble rapper's song on loop and you wouldn't even notice that it wasn't going to the next song because they all sound the same. And I heard a girl once say, "just because someone has a different music taste than you doesn't mean they're ignorant." Which is true, except for in this case because this shit is so terrible that there's no way you can have an IQ above 110 and actually like this garbage.

Mac Miller's father railed against the drug dealer who got caught and arrested for dealing the deadly drugs to his son. "They finally caught the mother fucker!" Which, fine. But is there no responsibility on the motherfucker taking the shit in the first place? Of course not. That would require critical thought. God forbid.

If only you had the aggression against the drug dealer against your son, maybe you could have got him off the shit while he was still here.