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Old People Are Fucking Stupid


Date: October 28th, 2019

Written by: Princess Link


I absolutely fucking loathe and detest the elderly.

Not all of them. If you're above the age of 60 and you're holding your shit together, good for you. Keep on sucking off 30 year old poolboys. I'm talking about these decrepit flesh raisins who stagger around unable to walk or think, getting in the way of all the people with functioning brains and bodies.

I see it all the time. These fucking old people walk into a restaurant and look around like they just boarded an alien space ship and have never seen anything like this before in their life. It's fucking annoying to look at.

Then when you actually have to talk to these fucking creatures, it's like they lose interest in everything you're saying while you're talking to them. It's not just when they're so old that their ears quit working. That's annoying in itself, but it's when they're staring right at you and you ask them a question and they go "...i'm sorry, what?" They're just not fucking listening.

Some of these decrepit fuckers walk around thinking they own the world and can treat everyone like shit because nobody will call them out on it.

And I'm sick of these lonely old women who were told her entire life that they're to be validated by relationships and having children, and now that all of their children are grown up they clings onto their grandchildren and great grandchildren for dear life. You're parasites and everyone in your life is waiting for you to die.

They thought guys like Buddy Holly were edgy for using drums. No wonder they can't wrap their minds around the greatest musical genius of our time: Lady Gaga.

I want to push them out of a window like the Paparazzi video.