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Pajama Pants are Disgusting


Date: October 30th, 2019

Written by: Princess Link

The other day I saw two fat girls wearing pajama pants... in a restaurant.

It really disgusts me that anyone would live like that. "Pajama pants are comfy!", you might say.

But you know what else is comfy? Silk lingerie.


It's cute. It's soft. It's more comfortable than sweats. But you buy into a society that wants to shame you into being gross and ugly because most people feel like they don't have a choice.


And due to the nastiness of the general public, I have unfortunatly gotten sick. I've got this awful cough that sounds like I'm punching people in Street Fighter.


People are so gross. There are some people who smell so bad that I have literally stop inhaling because they're so fucking repugnant. Some come into public places of business horfing up a lung outwardly. There was even an old dude who was getting called out by another younger dude at a restaurant the other day because he sneezed like 11 times in a row without covering his mouth once. Just spewing his fucking mucus everywhere. It's fucking disgusting. So here I am. I'm sick.

As a positive though, I've been weaker because of it and it's made getting high feel really weird.

I don't condone the use of drugs. In fact, if you use drugs you're kind of a dumbass. But weed isn't a drug. It's the pubes of Christ, ready to be shaved and inhaled like oxygen.

I bought a pot-laced rice crispy treat for ten bucks from the manager at a local grocery store and it was awesome. But I've lost my connections. I can't make it happen anymore because I'm such an introverted loner. So now I just take big Kenny Chesney-sized hits off my vape pen until nicotine sickness sets in and I feel like I'm going to throw up. It's all I have left.

My point is this: Satin lingerie and freshly shaved legs are way more comfortable than sweatpants, so if I catch you wearing sweatpants in public I won't hesitate to kick the shit out of you.