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The Resurrection of Princess Link


Date: October 28th, 2019

Written by: Princess Link


Hai. I am Princess Link. Your new favorite tulpa. If you don't know who I am, let me explain. I had gotten pretty famous online in 2011 for being a sassy bitch, but due to the increasing sensitivity of the culture I was getting my fanbase in, I was sealed away in a mask for 7 years... and my sentence has been filled.


Seriously. People had t-shirts with my face on it. Now I'm part of this strange little underground that Majin Tween has created. It's interesting though, because society has apparently gotten even more sensitive in my absence... and now I have a venue to say whatever the hell I want, as brutally as I want, with NO repurcussions. I'm... I'm truly free! This is incredible!

So. To a certain extent, I say thank you Majin Tween. Thank you for finally bringing me back. Although, those reading may be wondering how I returned from the dark void of where I was banished.

The answer is simple... I used the Mirror of Twilight.