Return of The Angry Miz Girl

  • Date: November 23rd, 2020

My life has been in a weird spiral of hell lately.

It started when I got food poisoning that got trapped in my body because I eat like shit. Spoiled eggs rotted in my gut. Then, it turns out that I got salmonella poisoning.

So I went through that, and then it turned out that my body can't handle my Kratom habit, so I have to stop taking it. So I'm dealing with withdrawal symptoms because I was given kratom for my anxiety by a friend of mine, and I wasn't told that it was an opiate. I wouldn't have taken it in the first place had I known it was, as it had always been my personal creed to avoid opiates at any cost.

Yes, I'm an idiot who doesn't look things up before eating them. That's my thing.

Anyway. Things should be better now.

Today, the Angry Miz Girl tweeted to me after I remembered back in the day when I ran her Facebook page.

Yeah. I ran this page about ten years ago, and then decided to stick some weird foreign clickbait spam bot on it because it said it would give me money (it gave me several hundred dollars.)

There was this guy who got so worked up about the spam, because he thought it was an individual human being actively posting it all--- that he would spam negative messages and comments, and even get into fights with other people who had the page liked because they'd tell him to calm down and it would rile him up even more.

In the end, I made like $800 off of this girl getting upset that The Miz won the WWE Championship. As someone who lives poor, that's pretty sweet. I love this chick and I hope her life is wonderful.