Christmas '21

Date: December 25th, 2021

It is Christmas, bitches. New raCcoOnTV just dropped, new radioRaCcoOn just dropped. I'm like Santa the way I'm saving these sinners.

Today I sent my grandma an email telling her to stop contacting me and vibed in the house where raCcoOnTV was started!

And I got perfume!

What does it smell like?

Fuckin' Christmas, probably. I dunno dude.

How am I supposed to liven up the written word? I'm just doing a fuckin' diary update about my goddamn Christmas. How the fuck am I supposed to make this entertaining for the people? How do I make you, the humanRaCcoOn audience, gives two fucks about shit? I don't know, man. If I knew that I wouldn't be FUCKIN' POOR.

Anyway. I journeyed back into the old house where humanRaCcoOn was created. The cramped room we had jam-packed like a treehouse that you probably saw in various episodes/even back on Neocities. BTW, this is the OG RCN HQ LOL.

...and in my return, I found the WWE Championship!

I've been walking around with it on my shoulder and saying stuff like "the champ needs a drink" or "the champ has to pee." Stuff like that. Classy shit.

I've decided that I'm the WWE Champion now because I have the belt. I've decided I beat Julio Dinero in Rio De Janeiro and won mucho dinero.

I also found some old friends!

I love Christmas. It's my favorite time of year.

I hope that whatever I've done throughout the year has been a source of entertainment for you. That's all any of this is about. I'm just trying to help ya'll have a good time. So I'll end this on another picture of some bullshit I found in the old place.

God damn it, I live for this shit.
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