• Date: November 10th, 2020
  • Mood: Sick
  • Listening To: Traci Lords - Come Alive
  • It's ironic that after putting ot an episode of RaccoonTV with a fire motif that I'd undergo what was the most hellacious 24 hours of my life.

    Let me set the stage. I experiment with legal drugs to keep my creative energy flowing. Kratom, DXM, weed. These are things that are legal where I live so I take them because they're mostly safe when done in reasonable quantity and they help my brain go into strange areas so I can create interesting stuff.

    Here's the problem. My diet has really sucked lately. I've been mostly eating breakfast sausage and yogurt. That's it. So I've been deficient on a lot of stuff I need.

    On top of this, I snacked on a little cup of pickles and a glass of lemonade so I got acid reflux while I was in a DXM trip, which was really making me feel like I was going insane from the little bubbling in my stomach. So I thought, "I should drink some milk." So I poured myself a glass, drank it, and then it got even worse.

    So I thought, "I need food." So I went into my fridge and got out the omelette that I brought home from the restaurant I work at and heated it up and ate it.

    This is when I went into a full meltdown mode. I almost immediately barfed and went into a horrid dissociative haze for about twelve straight hours and it went into me going to work, and I'm sure it looked awful to the people there but I asked the boy who was working in the kitchen and he said I just seemed more quiet than usual.

    Here's what I found out: the milk I drank expired two days ago, and the eggs that we'd been serving were rotten and nobody caught it until yesterday.

    So I had acid reflux, rotten eggs and spoiled milk working in tandem inside my body while DXM flowed through me.

    This was a living hell that lasted about four days because the kratom was keeping the toxic food in my stomach.

    I feel much better now that it's over, and it set me on a proper dietary path where I'm going to eat more full meals, daily vitamins and these keto-friendly tortillas. I'm not on keto but Dr. Girlfriend is and she's sharing with me.

    I feel like I've gone through some sort of horrid rebirthing process.

    Always smell your eggs before you eat them.

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