Child Abuse: The Ultimate Sin

Posted: March 24th, 2020

I'm convinced that a fair chunk of parents are either completely stupid or do not give a fuck about their own children.

There are too many stories of children being abused, abducted, etc. by adults they were supposed to be able to trust. There was that whole story about the dude from Lostprophets being allowed to serially abuse children because the parents were fans of his music and it makes my stomach wretch.

I cannot believe anyone would harm a child. It makes me feel violently angry.

Whether physical, sexual, mental. Whatever. You people are garbage. Children are the closest thing to purity the human race will ever produce and you would dare strip them of that because you're a monster? Burn in Hell.

The point of this entry is that abusers can present themselves as wholesome, caring, etc. and flip the switch and turn into absolute monsters. You can't just blindly trust someone to do the right thing.