Celebrity Entitlement: The State of the Entertainment World

Posted: April 15th, 2020

Modern "entertainment" is so fucking soulless.

I cannot believe that you people will willingly sit there and watch people watch stuff. Some cringe tryhard douchebag slapping the space bar while listening to a song and going "BRUH! THIS MAN JUST SAID---" every five seconds will get millions of YouTube subscribers while anything that takes any actual effort or care will be cast aside. Why do you accept mediocrity? Is it because you've been trained to?

Not to mention the entitlement of these cringeworthy celebrities who truly believe their shit doesn't stink and that the world should cater to them. I once saw Justin Bieber defending himself in an interview because it was pointed out that Lady Gaga was the #1 followed celebrity on Twitter and he was #2, and he was like "yeah well she joined before me!!!" Like who gives a fuck? Your music sucks, you live inside your own ass and anyone with a functioning brain thinks you're a douchebag. I can't believe we're the same age. You're a spoiled, entitled child.

You deserve nothing and were handed the world. You and everyone like you makes me sick.