The Culture of OnlyFans

Posted: March 15th, 2020

Women are so unloved in our society that a beautiful girl will shove a flashlight up her own ass on a webcam just so some disgusting slob who doesn't wash his own balls will tell her she's beautiful.

Every time I see some girl shilling her OnlyFans/Chaturbate or whatever, or posting a bunch of selfies with a pile of hashtags to try to get noticed by people I just get so upset. Not because I think sexuality is gross or should be shamed, or that it's even wrong to want to feel loved. But because I realize that a lot of them are only doing it because they feel like there's no other way for a woman to be appreciated in this male-dominated world and at the rate shit is going, they're right.

Some guy who never gave a shit about my site got excited when I made a joke about having an OnlyFans. To have the project I've been pouring every ounce of energy I have into for almost four years be disregarded by some guy who hovered around my personal space bubble just because he wanted to use me like a fleshlight is really fucking sickening. I'm going to fucking scream.

I hate what you people want from women. I hope your cock rots from the inside out and falls off.

Obviously there are plenty of men out there that respect women. They're probably actually transgender or some 21st century gender-variant powered by all the birth control pills that have been poured down sinks and into the water supply since I have a hard time believing any man who actually claims to respect women even slightly. Even when they think they do, they end up getting romantic attachment and assign their respect via that. It's nauseating.

I find that actual male-minded-men only care about video games and cumming. The shit I overhear guys at work talking about makes me sick. They don't even have the awareness to realize how fucking disgusting they are. I'm pretty sure most heterosexual men would fuck their fellow heterosexual men in the mouth if they could figure out a way to make it seem ironic.

If I have to see one more disgusting motherfucker nitpicking a beautiful girl he's cyberstalking for some minor flaw that he thinks invalidates her existence entirely because it doesn't live up to his nauseating porn fantasies I'm going to snap. I feel so terrible for women who are attracted to men. You got fucked over, because those disgusting creatures do not give a FUCK about you. Your boyfriend doesn't love you. Men are incapable of love.

I don't say that from a point of bitterness, I don't really like guys. They scare the shit out of me and 95% of them seem dirty, overly vulgar and unkempt. But every girl I've ever been friends with throughout my life has been beautiful, broken and lonely and had those very traits in themselves abused and taken advantage of by an entire gender that seems to root itself in sociopathy and misogyny.

So this current trends of OnlyFans being popular really makes me irritated. I see women who create art going down psychological rabbitholes of struggling to find anyone who gives a shit while some girl eating her own tampon goes viral because you fuckers are barely evolved monkeys. I hate your nature. It's absolutely grotesque what you people have allowed to happen to the world's culture.

This is why artists like Debbie Gibson, who write all their own music, get faded out for glorified strippers who are only allowed to release songs about being in love with men. And the songs are usually written by men. Even Joan Jett, the ultimate female punk rock icon, nearly entirely sang about relationships. It's enough. For fuck sake. Women are human beings with opinions and ideas. This system is bullshit and I'm sick of it.