The Internal Corruption of Twin Galaxies

Posted: March 20th, 2020

Twin Galaxies have been coming under fire as of late due to the exposure of corruption and high score manipulation to keep certain people on top (such as Billy Mitchell, Todd Rogers, etc.) but what's hilarious is I know someone who was in the trenches of the Jace Hall-run era and it was actually just as corrupt. Don't believe the bullshit. They're scumbags.

There's this kid named Rudy who is legitimately an amazing gamer. But he has an issue where when people antagonize him, he can't let it go. It's a character flaw in a good gamer, and he had years of drama with them. but the corruption in their system means that they will actively downvote his scores for things like swearing in the videos and shit like that. Just because they don't like him. It's a fucking mess. A bunch of sweaty, ugly nerds using what little power they have to piss on people's dreams and goals because they're bitter, scared and jealous.

My friend who was on there befriended another player, who was contacted privately by Jace Hall and basically given the "BECOME A TRAITOR! JOIN THE DARK SIDE! WE HAVE COOKIES!" speech. Basically saying to help backdoor my friend out of the community because they were going against the grain and calling them out on their bullshit. I saw screenshots of it and I was utterly disgusted with how that entire organization operates. It deserves to burn to the ground in favor of something less toxic.

With the blips of your sprites I'm on a ride.