05/19/2022WWE Memories: Vince McMahon Limo Explosion
05/09/2022WCW Home Video: Nitro Girls Swimsuit Calendar Special
04/03/2022WrestleMania: The American Nightmare
03/20/2022Wrestle Crap
01/27/2022Blogitude: How I Got Into Wrestling
01/06/2022AEW Dynamite: Thunder In Your Heart
12/23/2021AEW Dynamite: Holiday Bash
12/02/2021AEW Dynamite: Rhodes To The Hospital
11/18/2021AEW Dynamite: Cowboy Shit
11/14/2021AEW PPV: AEW Full Gear
10/29/2021AEW Rampage: Trick or Treat
10/27/2021AEW Dynamite: Marshmallow Cowboy
10/24/2021IMPACT Wrestling: Bound For Glory 2021
10/23/2021AEW Dynamite: Black vs. Rhodes III
10/22/2021AEW Rampage: Andrade vs. Pac II
10/01/2021AEW Rampage: Hair vs. Hair
09/20/2021WWE: The Tribal Chief
09/20/2021Dark Side Of The Ring: The Plane Ride From Hell
09/08/2021AEW Dynamite: Murder Grandpa
09/05/2021AEW PPV: All Out
08/29/2021NWA Review: NWA EmPowerrr
08/25/2021AEW Dynamite: Lacking In Luster
08/22/2021AEW Rampage: The First Dance
08/14/2021AEW Rampage: Rampage in Brittsburgh
08/11/2021AEW Dynamite: The Fourth Trial of Jericho
08/07/2021WWE SmackDown: Roaming For Rain
08/05/2021AEW Dynamite: Homecoming
08/02/2021WWE Monday Night RAW: Spears and Swords
07/29/2021AEW Dynamite: Chris Jericho vs. Nick Gage
01/26/2021AEW Dark: The Walkoff
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