Nick Gage vs. Chris Jericho

Posted: July 29th, 2021

AEW is surreal to me. I've been watching since the very first show. I didn't like All In (the pre-AEW indy WrestleMania) because of stuff like the Penis Druids with Tony Hawk's Pro Rapist aka Joey Ryan. I don't go for genitalia humor. I don't think it's hilarious to put dicks on your story-driven entertainment product.

Anyway. AEW has been like, the first time I've really enjoyed an entire wrestling show since around January 4th, 2010. If that date doesn't give you Impact tremors, I don't know what will.

The point is: some really incredible shit has happened in AEW. From their insanely stacked roster, to these confrontations that I wouldn't even call dream confrontations because it's like... who comes up with half this shit? I watched Orange Cassidy and Sting pretend to kick each other like children. For fuck sake. I love this company.

We have a match that aired last night that was Nick freakin' Gage vs. Chris fuckin' Jericho facing off in a legit CZW-style deathmatch live on TNT with commentary from Tony Schiavonne and Jim Ross.

Like... are you shitting me? This is real life? This is the timeline we exist in?

I love it.