Smarkitude Historia

Posted: July 4th, 2021

Back in the days when I was a teenager, before I had status and before I had a pager, I got a laptop as a Christmas gift from my grandma. Specifically, she bought it for herself and couldn't figure out how to use it so she gave it to me.

That's when I discovered the glory of Windows Movie Maker and started making stupid wrestling videos and posting them on my Facebook page and on YouTube. The origins of Human Raccoon's video stuff really kicks off in 2010. They were pretty stupid, and the majority of the ones that had any merit got repurposed already (or are about to for this new world I've created here to resurrect Smarkitude as a thingy).

But I did find this archive of "banned from YouTube" videos and here's pretty much the only good one on the site.

This was my next evolution. After being an idiot, a loser, a MySpace status update abuser. I had found the closest thing to art I would ever allow myself to get good at. And some day, I may. You guys just sit tight. We're almost at episode 50 of Human Raccoon. I think it'll start getting good by like... episode 315. For sure.

What? I don't have stuff planned that far in advance. You do. Shut up.

I am operating on a level you didn't know existed and I haven't even revealed my F U L L P O W E R.

I wound up getting banned from YouTube for copyright violations, and briefly created another channel called SmarkiTube that was gonna kinda trickle more into what Human Raccoon's webshow ultimately became. But then it didn't because I started doing other stuff. I was busy. Shut up.