The Tribal Chief

Posted: September 20th, 2021

I have seen many wrestling fans claiming that Roman Reigns newfound "Tribal Chief" gimmick is like... good. Or whatever.

These people are apparently fucking retarded.

Holy shit, this is absolute garbage.

Is it better than his babyface run? Yes. But what isn't? I stepped on a thumbtack earlier and had a better time than I've had watching his babyface run.

It's time to face the facts: Roman is fucking cringe. He's not some badass tribal chief. He's the dude who plays tea time with his stupid little daughter (who I would absolutely destroy in a fist fight.)

Like, you straight up gotta be shittin' me with how stupid this is.

"Tribal chief! It's a family celebration!"

"Wise man... you are family."

This is the gayest shit ever. Might as well broadcast Roman jizzing in Heyman's mouth at this point. This is horrible.

Am I watching a Disney movie? Why is Heyman degraded into being a cuckold? Wait...

The cuckold...

Heyman is the one who booked the Lana/Rusev angle where Rusev gets turned into a cuck while Lana gets blacked.

He booked that other cuck angle too--- wait a fuckin' minute.

Is Roman legitimately having sex with Paul Heyman?

Good lord. The tribe of extreme is the tribe of the tribal chief.

I'm gonna throw up.

The point is this: if you are a fan of Roman Reigns, you are dumb or into cuck porn. Or both.