The Walk-Off

Posted: August 27th, 2021

Dr. Girlfriend and I have been binge-watching AEW Dark, aka "The Taz and Excalibur Podcast" and having a good time making fun of women for being bad at wrestling.

Like the chick who dresses like Goku.

"You need more turtle training."

Vegeta needs to finger-flick that lady in the tits.

Or punch her at full force. Either way.

Anyway. I wanted to share the Walk-Off between "Pedophile" Peter Avalon and Shitty Lee. The segment itself is so underrated it's not even isolated on YouTube, so I've taken the courtesy of timestamping it and embedding it on this page.

Aren't I nice?

Don't you want to give me five dollars?

We get Aubrey Edwards looking gorgeous, Jerry Lynn being hilarious and Brandi Rhodes is there too.

I don't wanna riff on this bit too hard. It's too funny on it's own. Enjoy!