Wrestle Crap

Posted: March 20th, 2022

Hey guys, what's up. It's your girl WrestleSarah here to drop another top ten article here. Be sure to like this article on Twiter, subscribe to my YouTube channel, give me five dollars and choke me with a belt.

In honor of our friends over at WrestleCrap... okay, I can't do this anymore. I fucking hate these formats. YouTubers are so fucking cringe I can't take it.

Anyway. I named this WrestleCrap because the bit was gonna be me going "oh it's top 10 top 10s about wrestle crap." Like, I dunno. Dr. GF and I were randomly talking about wrestlers pooping themselves in the ring, so I was like "I wonder if any of those limey fucks from Britain have ever gotten THAT desperate."

I was wrong.

...alright, I'm sorry. I realize this a pretty shitty entry.

...anyway, here's some bathroom related giffage.