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Gameboy Camera


Date: June 20th, 2019

Written by: Raccoon

Late last night, I took a bunch of pictures of myself and various other stuff around my house (like my perfume bottle, my TV and other things) with the Gameboy Camera and I'm actually really impressed with the photo quality on this thing.


I tried printing them off then but the printer gave me an error which told me there wasn't enough battery power. Luckily they're rechargeable batteries and I was able to charge them overnight and eventually come back to it and print off the pictures I had taken the night before.

The printer doesn't use ink, it uses heat like a receipt printer. So the printed photos aren't in the greatest quality. I'm sure there's something that can be done to make it print a little darker. Maybe I'll look into that in the future.


Final Diagnosis

I gotta diagnose the Gameboy Camera as Fuckin' Siiiiiiiiiick.

The only shitty thing is that the Gameboy Printer prints on receipt paper, so it tends to fade away after a while. I saved all my pictures into a little cigar box and when I pulled them out, all the papers were mostly white. It's a shame but it's still cool to play with.