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Date: January 25th, 2020

Written by: Majin Tween

Let me be with youuuu.

Chobits is probably my favorite anime ever. In fact, if you're on the right substance, you might even feel like you're part of it. I still haven't really recovered from the idea that I don't have a Persocom right now.

So here's the story. Hedeki is a fucking loser whose weiner only gets touched when he washes it. But he lives in a supercool cyberpunk future where everything's pretty much identical to current society, except everyone has Persocoms! They're humanoid robots that act like personal companions... and they can access the internet and read emails. But Hedeki's a poor boy, he has no sympathy.

That is, until he finds a cutiepie Persocom laying in the garbage. He thinks it's a corpse and tries to fuck it, but realizes it's a Persocom and takes it home with him.


As it turns out, she's a special kind of Persocom:

She's a fucking retard.

All she can say is Chi, which is short for cheese, which is accumulating in Hedeki's pants every time she does anything. It's bonkers. This dude is horny as fuck.

Chi has to go on all kinds of little adventures to become a person, from buying panties to accidentally becoming a camwhore.

Hey man, shit happens. But she's got a good heart and a sweet, supple ass. I want a Persocom. This is bullshit.

I absolutely recommend watching this series. As of this writing, it seems as though the entire series is available on YouTube--- but it'll always be available on torrents, so you know. Bootleg everything, motherfucker.