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Flip Flappers


Date: February 10th, 2020

Written by: Majin Tween

I don't advocate drug use. If you live a straight edge lifestyle, that is completely respectable. That being said, if you watch Flip Flappers sober you're a fucking moron.


My life is now divided into two eras: before and after I watched Flip Flappers. This series was amazing. Mind blowing. You really feel like YOU'RE getting dragged through it. (That is, if you put some stuff on your tongue first.)

So here's the story. Cocona is your typical middle school student. She cares about her grades, her hair, and her Avril Lavigne looking waifu. Totally respectable. But while she's out and about in the world, she meets an ADD riddled girl named Papika, who immediately drags her into a shady organization called Flip Flap that specializes in throwing teenage girls into acid trips so they can collect gemstones that apparently, when all put together, can grant power over this acid-trip universe. This world is called Pure Illusion... and it rules.

This anime has it all! Transformations, plot twists, underage lesbianism. It's a fucking masterpiece. This isn't just the greatest anime I've ever seen--- it might be the best TV shows I've ever seen. Period.

Toward the end of this show I'm pretty sure I ascended to a layer of our universe that human beings are not supposed to reach, got hugged by my creator and then got hit with a superkick back down to reality and cried like a bitch because it hurt my chest.

This anime didn't do that well in Japan, probably because they're not really dropping acid over there. They're just eating squids and cumming on each other. Go to a club, eat a "cheeseburger" and watch the dub of this anime. It will change your life.