Gotta Dance

Date: September 15th, 2021

DJ is waiting by the phone for Jeremy to call. She really wants his smelly B.O. and hairy armpits to pretend to love her. But Michelle aint' havin' that shit, picks up the phone, says "waddup dimples. Leave my sister alone and go jerk off to trannys on the dark web you disgusting fuck" and slams the phone down.

And she's gonna need the shit eating grin surgically removed from her face.

Fuckin' degenerate. Probably goes on 4chan and goes REEEEEE with tirades about women and then simps for any girl who even slightly makes eye contact with him while he's at the store. Fuck Jeremy.

We get some of the cringe, awful puppet that makes wood puns. But then Jesse strangles the fucker and I've never rooted more for a puppet's downfall... well, except for all the puppets that work in Hollywood and the government, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Speaking of Mr. Woodchuck, have you seen what Stephanie looks like these days?


Stephanie wants to be Tony Hawk's Pro Dancer, but her dad says "go fuck yourself idiot." Which is absolutely how you should react to a child's dreams. Like when I wanted to audition for All That and my grandma told me to eat a bag of shit and smacked me with a giant dildo. Still don't know where she got a dildo from, but I'm guessing it was tucked away safely inside her three hundred pound ass.

Eventually she gets Danny to cave with guilt and ridicule, which is the most effective move in getting what you want out of somebody. But Danny starts getting a hard cock thinking about how he could exploit his child for money and fame, with the literal lyric "I'm living out my childhood ambitions through you!!!" God. What preachy horse shit. I hate when shit that says it's comedy is riddled with messages about how to be a better person. Fucking assholes.

Stephanie learns that it's more important to dance if you want to and leave your friends behind.
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