Relatively Famous

Date: December 7th, 2021

I stay gleefully out of touch with modern pop culture, however, the one thing I do keep my eye on is pro wrestling. It's the greatest form of performance art ever conceived and I'll never stop loving it.

However, my fandom occasionally leads me to getting all hot and bothered and such. Something invariably ends up happening that sends me down a path of kicking babies down a flight of stairs and chugging beer like James Rolfe. I just can't handle the idea that there are things out there I wouldn't enjoy. It's not right. Everything should be catered to MY interests, but alas: we still have reality TV, and the son of a (Billy) Gunn is gonna be on a really stupid idea for a show.

Reality shows are always just stupidity injections for the public. Stuff shoved in people's face so they become catty, petty little fuckers with vapid thoughts and a love for drama. That's how these people end up on Steve Wilkos talking about "well they took my kiiiiids" like that's just some shit that happens to everyone.

Anyway. There's a new reality series coming called "Relatively Famous." It's a show where the cast, instead of being comprised of nobodies they plucked off the street to make famous for no reason, it's about the kids of famous people who want their 15 minutes and to cash in on their natural red carpet to the front door. Which is just weak.


The star-studded cast includes Hana Giraldo (mom Pat Benatar,) Austin Gunn (dad Billy Gunn,) Taylor "Tay" Hasselhoff (dad David Hasselhoff,) Jasmin Lawrence (dad Martin Lawrence), Myles O'Neal (dad Shaquille O'Neal), Redmond Parker (dad Ray Parker Jr.,) Harry James Thornton (dad Billy Bob Thornton) and Ebie (dad Eazy-E.)

Yeah. We couldn't get the actual stars, so instead we got their cum. LOOK AT THEIR CUM.

Might as well just take a tissue that John Stamos spunked into, put it on a popsicle stick and draw a smiley face on it in sharpie. That's pretty much all these people are.

For every Miley Cyrus, there's a Jaden Smith. It's a toxic trait in today's "famous people are the only people who matter" society that anyone will just take whatever easiest route they can to be handed whatever crumb of succcess/social media following/clout/IMDB credits/blowjobs/etc. they can acquire. These people should adopt a stage name and try to make something of themselves without it. Jasmin Lawrence? Let's try Inckleborg Von Doofinsquirts. Try to be a success with that, you fucking leech.

They won't rest until everyone is docile and retarded by feeding them stupid shows like this. I know there's a million of them on right now, but this is the first one I've bumped into in a long time and it just re-annoyed me.