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Saved by the Bell: The Prom


Date: November 3rd, 2019

Written by: Majin Tween


Zack and Slater burst into Kelly's bedroom and demand that she decide which of them is taking her to the prom. She says she can't decide because it's like choosing between two great pieces of chocolate. Zack says "Sorry Kelly, but from now on you're only getting zits from one of us."

Well, that and chlamydia.

Screech approaches Lisa and asks her to prom. She says "I'll go with you when worms have ears." He says "'re weakening!"

I don't think that's how love works. You don't just beat somebody down until they go "Alright fine! Fuck it! Whatever!" That never works.

I love prom episodes of shows because I feel like prom dresses should be casual wear. They're so fabulous.

Kelly's dad comes into her bedroom and tells her that world peace broke out, so now he's broke as fuck because he makes weaponized dildo canons that murder children. Kelly's like "aw, take my money." and then cries because apparently little brown children have to be murdered for her to go to prom.

Mr. Belding calls a meeting of all the cast members to help organize the prom. He calls them all chairpersons, Jessie is like "shouldn't it be chairpersons?" Slater says "chairchick has a point." I think chairbitch should chairshut the fuck up.

While Lisa's watching a movie, Screech sits down next to her and makes her scream in fear at this creepy little bastard. Everyone in the theater shushes her for shrieking so loudly. Leave it to the black chick to be loud in a movie theater.

Kelly decides to wait until during the movie to tell Zack that she can't go to the prom. She storms out and Zack is devastated... but not so devastated that he would dare stop shoveling popcorn into his mouth.

Don't worry. By the end of the episode they're back to heterofucking like it's nobody's business.