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The Steve Wilkos Show


Date: May 17th, 2019

Written by: Majin Tween

Did you know if you break a baby's bones, it might make the parent of said child let out a shriek akin to Baby Godzilla?

That's what I learned while watching the Steve Wilkos show.

We've been binge watching Steve Wilkos because it's hilarious. I'm also fascinated by the need to bring your family drama to television for millions of people to watch. It's so weird.

One of the things that really blows my mind is how many of these ghetto and white trash losers think that having your children taken away from you by the government is totally acceptable and a regular occurance. They'll mention it with the regularity you'd have mentioning having had a drink of Sprite or something. Like, "Yeah that was when they took my baby away. Anyway, so Darryl was like..."

This girl on Steve Wilkos got cheated on by her stupid boyfriend who looks like a Soundcloud rapper. Like, are you shitting me? You have a girl this beautiful and you can't stay faithful to her? Jesus Christ.


Who are you pointing at, Steve!? Who beats you but claims to love you!?


Ah shit. I should have known.


Uh, I doubt it dude. Unless you're an FTM transsexual or something.

Kind of makes me want to sing along to Metallica like "AM I PREGNANT!? YES I FUCKIN' AM!"


Damn. That's gotta be the only racist dude to ever have a baby ever. Thank God for the Steve Wi----


I spoke too soon.

Damn it, Steve. How far you've fallen.


Maybe you are both the father. Did you double penetrate her like


Because maybe your jizz mixed together and made a super baby.

Oh, and this episode also had an accusation of a mom having an incest relationship with her son but it wasn't true. Which was kind of a bummer because I was hoping it was. It would have been hilarious if she was fucking her son.

We also noticed how square the Steve Wilkos logo is so we tried to figure out how many times it could fit into the screen.


If we had been watching on an HDTV (we weren't because we don't own one), it would have tiled in 45 times. Impressive.