Million Dollar Extreme: World Peace

Date: October 15th, 2021

Possibly the greatest piece of social satire of the 21st century was Million Dollar Extreme's World Peace, which is why it was cancelled in it's first season.

I first watched this show railed out of my mind on research chemicals and had a great time. Heavily recommend it.

You ever see a bitch take a drop toehold into a glass table? I have. Because of this glorious show.

There's a genderflipped bit about male prostitution that brings attention to the fact that beautiful girls often want to fuck disgusting men... that was the moral of that skit, right? That straight women are literally retarded?

You got skits like a Guile-like substance doing workouts with some girl who is in yoga pants. I hate yoga pants. A lot. So many girls just wear workout gear like 24/7 now and it's atrocious. Be cute or fuck off. Sweatpants are gross.

Guile winds up pulling a muscle in his back and hits a button in his abdomen that says FOZZY COTIN, but yet it doesn't kick into Judas. Maybe someone just needed to throw a basketball around or something. But then his eyes get all fucked up and he winds up looking like everyone who gets vaccinated.

At another point, Sam Hyde winds up investigating school bullying, with a bully who looks suspiciously like him. For some reason I can totally imagine him just going into random high schools and beating the shit out of people. But the thing is, it's not Sam Hyde doing the bullying. It's one of the other MDE boys. But they look the same. They should kiss.

The moral of this sketch is that bullying is good and makes people stronger. It's true!

This show made fun of Adult Swim execs and Adult Swim politics during the show, which I'm sure didn't help their case but God damn do I love when shit like this happens. More punk rock than punk rock ever was.

This show was a victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome. It's the only time that anything related to Donald Trump ever actually affected my life, since I fucking love this show and I'm pissed that we didn't get more of it. Because they weren't overly anti-Trump in their political beliefs, their show was cancelled. Fucking ridiculous. Who gives a fuck what someone's political ideologies are? They're here to entertain you. Yeah, you can watch all their YouTube shenanigans but it doesn't have the same budget you get working for a TV network. So on that front, it's a damn shame. It was a really well done satire on modern culture, and modern culture couldn't handle it. For that, I say fuck Adult Swim.