I Modded My 3DS

Date: December 22nd, 2021

It's time to start sharing my Goku journey with the people. To get this site rolling for realsies. So how do we kick it off? By sharing inane details of my life! FUCK YEAH.

I modded my 3DS and got it rigged up so I can play emulators and bootlegged games on it.

Back in the day I had a modded PSP that I toted around everywhere but it eventually quit holding a charge, so this is like a throwback to that. I try to mod every console I have. I've got a Wii that's all rigged up that I used to use to play N64 ROM hacks mainly until I got my Everdrive (which I use for Gamecast). Plus I got a modded Xbox, homebrew CDs for PS1 (including an NES emulator!) and a ton of other stuff.

The point is, I try to juice the maximum worth out of everything I have, and my Nintendo 3DS is no exception.

Granted, I've spent more time binge playing Mario Kart 8 online than anything else... but damn, that game is cool as hell.

Anyway. Here's a video of it in action.

I got excited because the 3DS homebrew scene looked like it had some evolutions in the time I'd been away from it (my 3DS had been previously modded but I accidentally erased the entire SD card because I'm a fucking idiot), but sadly it's all homebrew for the NEW 3DS. So my old, wrinkly ass 3DS can't run stuff like the Nintendo 64 emulator or anything like that. It makes me sad, tbh.

I never even bought this thing. It was actually a random gift on a movie set that I got to have because I'm super important and I have connections.

Also I'm poor and have no redeeming qualities. I LOVE MY MODDED NINTENDO 3DS VIDEO GAME CONSOLE FROM NINTENDO.