Population: Shrinking

Date: June 21st, 2021

Back in like 2008 when I got a Gamecube for my birthday, my grandma took me to a Gamestop with like $25 and said it was my spending limit. I walked out of there with Splinter Cell, Dragon Ball Z Bukkake Tension or whatever, Def Jam Vendetta and Animal Crossing! It was like having friends except better.

Yeah just sneeze in my mouth. That's cool.

Fast forward, I get a 3DS as a gift.

Yes! I was an Animal Crossing blogger in a past life. I posted little comics where I'd take stuff the in-game characters would say and then type in my own dialogue and put them together.

I tried to make something kinda edgy, dark and funny to stand out in the Animal Crossing community because that's my sense of humor and I thought it would be a fun contrast. So let's go hit up the Anonymous Animal Crossing Community Confession Blogs and see what the people had to say about my fun little creative endeavor!

Oh yeah. I forgot, everyone hated me. Well this should be fun regardless! I mean, it's just a silly little Animal Crossing blog I ran in my spare time. How much negativity could there really be? Haha.

God yes! I forgot this is when I started using the name Raccoon. I was getting made fun of hardcore for wearing too much eyeliner. This rules.

The hate-mailers also came up with the PopShrink abbreviation, so I stole that from them too.

"That's what you called me on your show. A joker."

My bullshit predates that movie. They owe me money.

Damn! The ol' Swerverino! I legit thought that was gonna be a positive comment for a second. Got my ass!

Story time before I continue. I made a joke about one of the animals wanting to eat me (like how animals maul humans in real life) and everyone decided it was a rape joke, even after I explained that it very wasn't. Let's see how understanding they are!

Brutal. Janky AND stanky!? I'm a double threat!

Oh yeah! I forgot that the runner of this blog actually wound up taking my side after all this, and I even made their blog logo (which was just the WCW Uncensored logo with AC stuff on it.)

So I have an ally in the trenches during all of this! Yay! My fwend!

I'm a very conflicting individual. Enigmatic. Complicated. Mentally ill. A loser. But at least I'm consistent!

This is my redemption arc! I got this!

Nevermind. Forget I said anything.

There's a lot of arguing on this blog between me and others where I just endlessly defend myself in a loop because I had to essentially prove that I didn't make a rape joke, which is a hard thing to prove when most people didn't even see the post and only heard about it secondhand.

I'm also being lynched for not using trigger warnings when I didn't even know what those were when I started doing the blog, nor how they functioned in the first place.

I'm gonna need someone I care about to kill themselves so I can learn to be a better person.