Adventures in Gamecubing

Date Posted: July 3rd, 2021

This is a bunch of footage I capped of some Gamecube mods I did with the Dolphin emulator.

WWE Day of Reckoning

I modded in blue ring mats (ECW-style), striped ropes (which I think JCW did but I don't remember.), customized aprons and even got the Human Raccoon logo on my character's t-shirt in the game. It's so cool. I love having this kind of artistic control over Gamecube games. People who shit on emulation have no realized it's TRUE ARTISTIC POTENTIAL.

Oh yeah and I carved a bloody smile into Mike Chioda's face. No biggie.

Tony Hawk's Underground

Got some old camera roll footage in this one too. It's not February 20th but it's a February 20th-like substance.

I got my logo modded onto my character's shirt in this game too.

And yes: that's a ton of Redbubble sellers stealing the Dr. Girlfriend shirt design. Fucking criminal.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

This is actually a mod that I don't remember the name of that makes Melee have N64-style graphics that I wanted to try out. If I can save up enough money for a new computer I'll definitely play it again. But with my hard drive crash and the computer dying, etc. I lost the patched ISO I had of this and this laptop can barely run websites let alone an emulator so I can't play it. Sad times.

True Crime: Streets of L.A.

You've probably seen this mod I did featured in humanRaCcoON episodes. It actually took way longer than it looks to import Miley Cyrus into the game because different parts of the body are shaded incorrectly and I had to work around that. Makes me wonder if the original game designers had to work around that too and just never patched up the code. I don't think it was an emulator issue.

I did that one by dumping the textures for the dominatrix character you can use a cheat to play as and replacing them with Miley textures that I made myself.

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

This is actually footage of me trying to get a shot for the Rad shirt parody I put on my merch store. Playing the game with reverse controls while breaking everything by using hacks to make the camera do stuff it's not supposed to is legitimately pretty hilarious and hard to do. I almost gave up on getting the shot but I got it and the shirt exists and people have bought it so there we go.

Me to me: Make yo paper yo.

WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain

No mods here. These are just some CAWs I made. Also this isn't a Gamecube game but I threw it in anyway because fuck it.