Looney Tunes: Carrot Crazy

Date Posted: July 14th, 2021

Somewhere, probably in a storage unit or a dumpster is a VHS tape of me at Disneyland/Legoland/Sea World/Knotts Berry Farm in 1999 which is largely me staring into my cousin's Game Boy Color and playing her games because I didn't have a Game Boy Color of my own (yet!) (bitch.)

One game in particular of hers that I loved? Thanks for asking. It's Bugs Bunny in Operation Carrot Patch. Or Carrot Crazy. I remember it being Carrot Crazy but apparently some disgusting Mandella Effected Americans (MAE) had it called Operation Carrot Patch. Fucking disgusting. Someone should do something about this.

I'll go bananas. I don't carrot all.

I like the way Mr. Bunny is vibing on top of the logo in the beginning.

Shit looks uncomfortable as six fucks in a piss.

...Sorry, that's my southern slang creeping in. I'm from Texas, you see.

No you literally are not.

Neither is Yosemite Sam, idiot. Yet here he is.

It's a pretty standard platformer. It's got canondorfs, collectable Sprites (like the soda), you know. What the fuck else do you want me to say? You run, jump, collect stuff.

What? You think you're a better game reviewer than I am?

You wanna go?

You wanna fight?

You wanna see a picture of Bugs Bunny dressed like a lady?

Why did you want to see that? You're weird.