Final Fantasy

Date: September 12th, 2021

You ever feel like someone is watching you and that you have no privacy?

If you answered yes: you're schizophrenic... or you own an iPhone.

I've never played Final Fantasy. Not into RPGs. But Dr. Girlfriend and I have been binge-watching Final Fantasy Randomizer streams where people compete against each other in head-to-head competition. It's fuckin' crazy. Legitimately the only time I ever tried to play Final Fantasy, which was with Doc, I wound up passing out holding the controller because I was so bored.

I don't get RPGs. They ain't my thing, yo. When I play a video game I want to run, jump and at most punch someone in the face. Just like in real life.

So, do to my experience with Final Fantasy being pretty much exclusively limited to watching these streams, I'm just going to rant about what's annoying me about gamers.

They keep saying "drop your GGs." Like what? GG Allin? You want everyone to shit in their hand and run around naked?

That wouldn't be a very good game at all.

...I dunno, I think that's the only complaint I have, actually.

It's pretty cool that I get to have an excuse to enjoy something Final Fantasy related without having to play the games. I love the music but all this "level up" and "get items" stuff intimidates my fragile thot brain. I'm intimidated by it all. But at least all the sprites are rad as fuck. Evil bugs and mermaid ladies and shit.

I feel like I've played Final Fantasy now. It's a total stolen valor thing. God I love stolen valor. I wanna pretend I went to war now.

So anyway, when I got back from Vietnam all I had to comfort me and my crippling STD... wait, I mean PTSD. Sorry. I put the sexy in dyslexia. But anyway, I like video games and I dislike not playing video games.

What was the point of this? Oh yeah. Final Fantasy.

It's alright (cause i'm saved by the bell.)