Garfield: Desolation

Date: December 18th, 2021

It's Monday!

No it isn't.

Well it has been before, and Garfield HATES Mondays and is sexually attracted to lasagna or whatever.

Anyway. You ever be playing Nintendo 64 and be like "this shit needs more Garfield?"

Of course you have, you fucking idiot.

That's why anonymous_moose just dropped Garfield: Desolation for the Nintendo 64.

Yes. Now YOU can adventure around the abyss as Garfield. My dreams have come true.

The game takes place within the purgatory within Garfield's mind. The universe of hubris he has built up over years of trauma and hardship. Every enemy and platform, a challenge from his mind to overcome the obstacles within. This shit is fucked up, son. Fuuuuuucked uuuuup.

It's got Garfield voice clips, an animation of him eating drywall, a vast void of emptiness. Everything you expect from a Garfield game.

(The drywall thing isn't a joke.)

What the fuck.

It doesn't have any of the other beloved Garfield characters like Odie or Jennifer Love Hewitt. But at least we got our orange homeboy. The toast of the town. Gar. Fill.

Garfield is my fat orange son.