Date: February 22nd, 2021

Chatrooms were a big part of my growing up process. Any time I got access to use someone's computer, I'd switch it over to and hop into their Goldenchat, or I'd be hovering in MSN group chats, or even Yahoo! chatrooms. I used to be quite the social butterfly before I decided to be a miserable bitch all the time.

I wanted to get visual representations for myself and Dr. Girlfriend on the site for the longest time so we could inject our personalities into the site without being cringe about it. Then, she was thumbing through the app store on her new phone (we both got phones recently because we're trying to be responsible adults. It's kinda gross.) and she discovered IMVU.

It's a very strange little app. It's got probably the best character customization I've ever seen, once you go to the shop and start buying shit. You get a base amount of gold coins to start with, which you can pretty much use to buy everything you need to get your character started. My character is entirely built using the initial gold they gave me when I joined, and you can get more with daily free spins and shit like that. You can also buy coins on the game... but I'm not doing that. I'm poor as fuck.

As mentioned above, it's a chat protocol. You go find chatrooms (which are 3D rooms with spots you can pick to stand or sit, or whatever else is programmed into it.) It's kinda sick some of the places people have made. The aesthetics of this thing are very, very nice. Unfortunately, everyone who uses the site is a disgusting pervert.

Like, literally. There's just people talking about fucking each other in here. Dr. Girlfriend said she's pretty sure some of them are hookers. I buy it (and them!)

All in all, if you want to create a super cool 3D cartoon of yourself that you can take pictures of and stuff, this is the way to do it. I even made a live wallpaper of my character for my phone.

Plus, you can troll the shit out of people. Everyone there is gnat brained and horny, so anyone coming in to start shit it doesn't even register that they're being fucked with. It's glorious, and it takes me back to my glory days of being an absolute piece of shit to other human beings. I highly recommend this app.

My only complaint is that there's really nothing to do outside of that. I'd like it more if this game were like what I hear Pokemon Go is like.

Imagine if you could interact with people who are local to you, with no limits on users, and they're all cartoons and can move around and there's missions and stuff. You know, a fucking MMO. Which this thing is ALMOST built to be.