Date: August 5th, 2021

Back in the wayback, the first computer I ever got was an old Macintosh.

It kinda bugged me that the mouse only had one button. It's like driving a car with nothing but the gas pedal. Plus, no internet, couldn't do very much on it... but it could rip CDs onto the hard drive (which didn't have a lot of space so I could only do a couple of my favorite songs), and it had KidPix!

Yeah! The child-friendly art suite that lets kids put their artistic visions in action. I used to doodle like a mad cunt in this thing.

Well, a s00per c00l d00d named V:\IKRUM> has ported KidPix to be usable in your web browser! Yeah! You can finally play KidPix on your computer!


Yeah! So you can see what it was like in 1995 when you wanted to draw hentai without your mom finding out.

You can check it out here.

Here's what I drew today: