Lego Mario Is Real 64

Date: October 4th, 2021

Don't like Lego? I'll block you.

This is Lego Mario Is Real 64. A game using Super Mario 64's engine but making everything be hyper-simplistic blocks and dumbed down graphis. It's honestly really cute, and it's what I thought Roblox was before I ever saw anyone playing it. (Thanks NewLegacyInc)

I checked this one out not expecting anything out of it. I was like "eh?" You know. Like a Canadian. Then I poured maple syrup all over my body and let a moose lick it off.

This game is for PC, and I unfortuantely can't get it running on Windows 98. Dunno why, it's not that graphically intensive. But watching the video of it, it looks mad cute. I would love to take three hits of acid and try to navigate this nonsense.

From what I can tell, there's only one level made for this thing thus far: a recreation of Bob-Omb Battlefield. But come on. Look at this shit. It's so cute. How could I not share it with you adorable motherfuckers?

When the demo plays you can see that the other levels haven't been replaced yet, but maybe this could be the start of something beautiful. Something pure. Something that gets rid of all those pesky textures that give me sensory overload and make me twitch on the floor screaming "gaklsjdglakjghalkhgjalkhjslkdhjashjk" and foaming at the mouth.

...also, Lego Mario's model looks like Bob the Tomato from Veggietales.