Psycho Waluigi

Date: July 9th, 2021

I discovered (like Bill Nye or somethin') a super cool fan game called Psycho Waluigi! Basically, you're Waluigi Swanson. (is that his name? idk i just made that up but it sounds right.)

Anyway. You have psychic powers. You can lift stuff with your mind and throw it at other stuff. Just like in real life! So I'm dipping my toes into this wacky world for a little bit since it's so hot the Uh Huh girls just went "uh..."

If you don't get that reference get the FUCK off my site and watch more Fresh Prince re-runs.

They air on every channel 24/7 all day. I don't think they have other TV shows, actually.

I don't know much about Waluigi. I know he goes "wahhh!" but so do I. Maybe we're not so different after all. Like Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. It's like the rooftop scene. In the movie. Spider-Man. From 2002.

Well count me OUT.

If I can't overthrow kings and queens with psychic powers in real life I'm not interested at all.

Everyone knows my deepest desires and secrets. I use the computer. I'm confined to an algorithm, man.

The government be motherfuckin' knowin' shit, yo.

(I'm also incredibly boring and don't be havin' desires or secrets.)

(I have misled you. I'm sorry. I love you. *SUPERKICK*)

The mysterious purple cloud of violating your privacy tells Waluigi that he's a psychic. A psychic sidekick! This shit writes itself!

(No it doesn't. I wrote that. With my fingers!)

The music is pretty cool. The graphics are cool. The controls are simple, and I still suck ass at it because you have to use a mouse and I suck at computer game controls. Not for lack of trying. I used to play Smash 64 on Project64 at school and just use the mouse. A and B were mapped to the buttons and the mouse was control. Then I had WSAD as the C-Buttons. I got almost good at it but still sucked because I suck at video games. I FUCKING SUCK. ALRIGHT? I'm terrible at the things I love. And I don't give a fuck. BECAUSE IT'S FUN. IDIOT.

I have nothing left to say about this game. Check out the monkey in a tuxedo.