Nintendo Switch Game Cases Are Garbage

Date: December 27th, 2021

I saw a picture of what the inside of a Nintendo Switch box looks like, and it's just like... fuck.

Like, I'm sorry. You have got to be shitting me with this. Pure white background, tiny bitch-sized SD card, no booklet. The fuck? Is this the almighty Nintendo? The kings of the aesthetic? The people who made LSD Dream Simulator for PlayStation!?

There is literally no way that is true.

Prove me wrong.

That could be easily do--

Anyway. Look at how these bad boys used to look.

Are you shitting me? Fuck you. These are so much better.

Why is nothing allowed to be cool anymore? I get it. You're trying to desensitize the world, dumb them down, make them take in the raw product with no appreciation, nostalgia or connection to anything else surrounding it. A lukewarm, sterilized culture assembled in a factory and presented like They Live but everyone's wearing the glasses and can see that every logo and graphic that exists anymore is fucking white with black text.

They name brands shit like "EAT!" now. Before it was like "the delicious taste of Johnny Cereal's Golden Swirl Blast" or whatever. Now it's just like "it's food asshole. Fucking eat it and buy more iPhones." and instead of begging for a cultural reset, everyone just goes "ok corporation good" while paying Netflix for permission to watch whatever they decide you can see and Spotify to decide whatever you're allowed to listen to, meanwhile you can download literally anything you want for free ridiculously easily if you'd only take the fucking time to learn.

This is why you broke fuckers have to save up to buy Wendy's. You spend like dipshits. You're not even getting the bonus of having physical media. You're just shamelessly pumping money into corporations for whatever narrative they feel like shoving down your throat like a turd shaped penis bulging out of Jeff Bezos' worthless double assed torso.

Fuck off with your complacency. You make me want to throw a cup of cat piss at your nephew.

This shit ain't fuck. Modern logos suck. Look at what they did to Pepsi.

You're disparaging the good endorsement Britney Spears gave you with this garbage redesign.

It's like if I rebranded humanRaCcoOn into this:

Fuck outta here.