Waluigi's Taco Stand

Date: December 19th, 2021

Back in July I reviewed Psycho Waluigi, a computer game starring the purple pedophile Waluigi himself.

Oh, good God. How the readers out there in the raCcoOniverse lost their minds. People rioted in the streets, pregnant women punching themselves in the stomach, teenagers slitting their wrists. It was chaos. People couldn't even fucking fathom that I knew what Waluigi was. It caused a national panic.

So you want more Waluigi? Eh? Does that get your rocks off, mister?

This is a hack of Super Mario 64 that turns the game into like, a pseudo-educational game... Or at least that's how I justify how mindless and boring it can be. I associate being bored with learning because school is stupid as fuck... and I also use the word pseudo to try to make myself seem smart.

In this game you have to bip bitches on the head and collect ingredients based on what customers at your taco stand requested.

It's not really challenging or difficult, but I'm sure if I were like five or under the influence of drugs I'd be struggling pretty hard.

The game itself controls great since it's just Mario fucking 64. I mean, for fuck sake. The entire new wave of N64 games that are coming out are being built on Super Mario 64's dilapidated spine. But it's getting pretty intense. There's gonna be a lot of coverage of these things on humanRaCcoOn, as you need to realize that the Nintendo 64 is still strong and alive, with new games coming out built by the people for the people.

As for this Waluigi guy... I dunno, man. He kinda freaks me the fuck out.

Like, I don't go for ironic likes. I'm a slave to aesthetic. If someone doesn't fit my vibe, they can't hang out in my treehouse. That's just how the cookie crumbles, cunt. But I'm intimidated by mustaches and men who are taller than me, both of which fit the bill for this zany character.

Anyway. I've had enough of this game. I no longer want to TACO bout it.