WWF No Mercy

Date: November 8th, 2021

WWF No Mercy has a championship path mode where you can enter into the wacky world of the World Wrestling Federation circa 2000 and enter into the federation to enter into a path for one of their many championships.

So, of course, we're starting with the most important championship in professional wrestling: the WWF Women's Championship.

Shut up, Stone Cold. You're just mad that Debra is cute as fuck.

Really mad, actually.

"Stone Cope" Seethe Austin.

Mae Young is RIGHT HERE on RAW is WAR, ready to slam her dust filled beef crevice into the hardening laps of fans throughout the arena.

Ya gotta hand it to her.

Get it? Because she... gave birth to a hand...

And I should know: I was there.

My hat is trying to run away from the situation, I think.

Yeah. Anyway. Let's beat the shit out of the elderly.

Good lord. You can do anything in this fucking game...

...Like fuse TNA legend Christian Cage with Internet legend Chris-Chan to make Chris Chan Cage.