Date: August 30th, 2021

There's a possibility that I might have a concussion. I accidentally bashed my head into a metal table when trying to pick something up, which in itself left me kinda dazed and weird feeling, and then a few hours later I lost my footing and wound up bashing the other side of my head into the side of a wooden door. So that's fun.

My brain feels like lasagna... wait... holy shit.

So since I'm having such a bad Monday, I figured I'd talk about Garfield.

It's live action. It's CGI. It's the Space Jam of lasagna. And it's got Bill Murray in it. Which reminds me of this point that was made by the Angry Video Game Man.

When he said "Garfield Garfield" I felt that.

Anyway. The CGI Garfield movie isn't good, but at least it didn't kill your parents. Well, I assume. Maybe it did. Maybe the DVD grew arms and sentience and burned your entire village to the ground. I don't know. My brain is not functioning properly, my mouth hurts and I can't remember why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch.

And the only reason I didn't capitalize cinnamon, toast or crunch because I can't afford a lawsuit for mentioning the delicious taste of cinnamon toast crunch. It's like cinnamon toast, but it's crunchy.

I don't really like this movie. It kinda sucks. But Jennifer Love Hewitt is really pretty. So I'll watch it regardless because I like pretty girls.

I was always more of a Heathcliff fan.

My cat was orange like Garfield though, so there's that. I also drank some orange soda. So that's cool.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. Garfield movie. Not great. Watch something else. Like Heathcliff.

This is now a Heathcliff appreciation article.
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