Date: October 26th, 2021

I hate it when you're trying to see what the holiday of Halloween was like in 1978 but all that comes up in your search results are the movie.

You'd think people in horror movies would stop having the sex, since that's when they always get murdered. There's no excuse for not knowing what kind of production you're in. I'm living in a 3D slice of life anime about an American goth girl who runs a website. I'm aware of it. Wake the fuck up, jackass. There's a world out there, ya creep.

So Michael Myers breaks out of the mental institution and starts murdering people for pretty much no reason. He just likes it the same way I like eating ice cream sandwiches. I dunno why so many people are up this dude's ass. He's just trying to vibe, man.

Leave the boy alone. Let him have his fun.

Most people know Jamie Lee Curtis as the old lady who talks about yogurt and bowel movements, but she actually used to be an actress.

If she wanted to avoid being killed by Michael Myers, she should have just rolled out like this:

But I dunno, man. I like horror movies but this one doesn't really mash my potatoes. I go more for the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street variety when I'm hitting mainstream horror. This is just like "hey there's this evil guy wearing a William Shatner mask killing peopl--- ahhh there's the guy!"

They call Michael Myers "The Shape." That shape? Human.

...for fuck sake, Jamie Lee Curtis from the hit film Freaky Friday. Cover yourself up. There are youngers reading this site.

I don't need people slappin' their peckas and such. This is a comedy website. We don't need women's bodies just boobin' around for the world to see. This is about a serial killer! Show some respect to the art form of murdering people violently with a knife, ya jerk

Anyway. Halloween sucks.