Date: July 21st, 2021

You ever smoke a finger?

No? Then you wouldn't get the artistic merit of Method Mannington and his brother Red Mannington's coming-of-age tale about two guys who smoke the ashes of a dead dude who tells them how to pass their college entrance exams and gets them into Harvard.

Rest assured folks: hilarity ensues.

Now, I like a good meatball marijuana with light sauce. So I can relate to these fellas interests. These guys like weed, chicks and being rude to white people. Just like me.

The movie uses stereotypes tss like dolby or sumthin to build their characters and lore. A fantastic modernization of the class struggles of yesteryear.

Alright I'm just pissin' around the Christmas tree. This movie is just a bunch of loosely connected skits that basically have a storyline about the Dean of the college not liking them because he's all snooty and whatnot. Thus 'n' such.

I can understand why people get upset about stereotypes. I watch Casper the Friendly Ghost and I think, "I'm nothing like this zany character." It's hard to find proper media representation these days. But as long as you realize that it doesn't matter what you are, you're a fucking joke, you'll be fine.

Sorry, that was a little blunt.

Well, actually, THIS is a little blunt:
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