Pump Up The Volume

Date: August 26th, 2021

I love Christian Slater. He's my favorite actor. All of his movies are amazing.

Pump Up The Volume is one of his best movies. It's about a kid named Mark who hides in his basement and plays with radio equipment and doesn't have a good relationship with his parents... which is the same plot as Twisted, which is also a Christian Slater movie. So that's interesting.

In the movie, The Slate becomes a renegade radio DJ who speaks his mind about the dogshit world he's trapped in and riles up his local community with cool music and truth bombs. It causes all kinds of drama at school, but more importantly: it lets him see Princess Daisy's boobs.

Yeah. He calls himself Happy Harry Hardon (Triple H for short) and he winds up getting this weird stalker lady geeking out about him and taking his bullshit way too seriously. It's fucking hilarious. He pretends to jerk off on the radio and she's like "woah this guy is so cool." Dudes are like "woah this guy is so cool" too. It's bizarre as fuck. They're legitimately on the phone with other dudes and they're like "holy fuck! Are you hearing this dude jerking off!? This is so cool!"

That sounds like something I'd make up to be funny but it's a real scene in the movie, and it's like... right in the beginning.

The movie does get sad at parts, like when this kid kills himself because he's a nerd with no friends. Meanwhile, radio host man is also a nerd with no friends. Imagine if all the nerds with no friends just like... became friends with each other. Then nobody would be nerds with no friends. They'd all be their own version of cool and they'd be way happier.

I don't wanna spoil the movie because it really is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Say "movie" again.

Hey! Shut up.

It's got a killer soundtrack and some of the greatest quotes of any movie ever.

I cannot recommend it enough. Smoke a doobie and watch it.

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