Date: July 22nd, 2021

Have you ever been living your daily life and thought "this shit needs more Chuck Norris?"

Welcome to the schizophrenic nightmare that is Garry Gabrewski's life.

This kid continually breaks into hallucinations and fantasies where he and Chuck Norris get gay married or whatever and kiss on the mouth. It's a very progressive film.

Like the auto insurance or somethin'. Tss.

If Chuck Norris reached into this kid's pants I'm pretty sure he'd just shrug it off.

"well... he IS Chuck Norris."

Celebrity worship is retarded. This man isn't special just because he's been the star of FANTASTIC HIT MOVIES.

He's just like you and me: a human being who pees and eats hamburgers.

I gotta say: I love ninjas. I wanna throw a ninja star into an oscellating fan and have it whip back like a boomarang into my stupid idiot chest.

Where's your friend Chucky now, retard!?
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