Space Jam

Date: July 17th, 2021

I've been called a looney before. I've listened to tunes. I listened to Jump Around by ICP. They told me to get looney. Oh God. I'm spiralling out of control.

The point is this: if you say mean things, your weenie will shrink.

Now I forgot what this review was. Oh yeah. Space Jam.

To acknowledge the importance of Space Jam, it is important to also acknowledge Space Peanut Butter and Space Bread.

That's how you make a Spacewich.

Anyway. I know why you're here. I know why you're reading this entry. It's because you wanna watch the Space Jam intro.

Fuck yes.

HEY YOU, WHATCHA GONNA DO!? when hulkamania runs wild on youuuuu!

Michael Jordan was kind of a father figure to me.

...since my stepdad had a Michael Jordan cardboard cutout that I had better conversations with than I did with him.

I love this movie even though I don't care about basketball. But considering my self-absorbed nature and lack of self awareness, I can't help but daydream about what my own version of Space Jam would be like.

Can you imagine? It would be about how I'm this eternal mall goth, surrounded by fictional characters from the universe of like the TV static or something. It could get all weirdly psychological and reveal bizarre character and universe elements through subtext and have a really cool soundtrack. I should do something like that. Unfortunately all I do is make shitty video edits and write nonsense all day. I gotta get my shit together. I'm wasting my artistic potential. I could be a potential autistic. Better than bein' a potential statistic, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Once when I was working at a shoe store in the mall, these two dudes were walking through the lobby and I overheard one of them go "I don't watch basketball, man. I ain't sittin' there watching a bunch of millionaires run back and forth all night. Fuck that."

It doesn't matter if this movie is well written, or if the concept is weird. It has Bill Murray in it. Which reminds me of my favorite Bill Murray story.

I refuse to believe this isn't true. I don't give a fuck.

Somewhere around here I have that silver coin that came with the original VHS. If I find it, I'll come back here and throw the pic on here. Until then.... i dunno. google it. dpo soejmtwfuckin rREAEACHSRCH.