Date: October 21st, 2021
If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.
Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever.

That sounds like some fuckin' commie gobbledygook.

The Crow is a movie that I feel a deep connection to.

Why? Because there's a character in the movie named Sarah. That's my name!

Plus the movie was filmed in my homeland of the United States. Crazy shit.

So we all know the behind the scenes story about Brandon Lee getting shot in the chest by a prop gun and dying like a silly goose. There's nothing funny about that. But don't worry, folks. It's been 27 years. We can laugh at anything. Much like Drake and Josh, I'll find a way.

So here's the deal. Eric Draven and his wife Shelly got murdered by a gang of street toughs. They raped homeboy's wife. That's no good. That's worse than murder, according to Twitter. They yeeted Lil' Eric Drave Drave out a window, he hit the ground, KASPLAT! and then a bird brought him back to life because whatever.

So what do you do when you and the woman you love get murdered but you get to come back to life because of a magical bird? You paint your face and go kill people, obviously. What else would you do? Not paint your face and go murder people? That kind of attitude is what's keeping you an NPC in the game of life.

Victims; aren't we all?

Some of us more than others, Bran Bran.

Beautifully, Eric finds some time away from murdering his murderers to shoot the shit with Sarah and quote his HIT SONG "It Can't Rain All The Time." That's like if I died and came back as a zombie and randomly went up to a raCcoOnTV viewer and they were like "holy fuck! you should stay dead!" and I just yell "i don't want to!"

...on second thought? Totally doing that when I die. You're gonna get fuckin' spooked, kid.

The movie has characters called shit like T-Bird, Funboy, Flapjack, Candy King, Barq's Root Beer---

Now you're just naming shit that's on your desk.

Shut up before I shoot you with a prop gun, fucker.

Anyway. If you've never seen The Crow you should watch it.

If you've never seen the sequels... well, you should probably keep it that way because they fucking suck.