The Wet Ones

Date: October 30th, 2021

Man, it's a wet one.

Haha get it? It's like... the song... *cough*

Have you ever done DXM and acid at the same time? If you have, you'll love The Wet Ones.

It's a color saturated schizophrenic nightmare of a horror-movie like substance. It's like Toy Story meets LiveLeak.

The characters in the movie are literal dolls. There's one with two heads fused together, there's a naked dude with a keytar. It's like a typical Saturday night down at Club Sodomy.

It reminds me of Action League Now on Nickelodeon. Not even the blood throws off that comparison, because if anyone ever stopped me from watching Action League Now I'd throw them head first through my TV and blood would be everywhere. In that regard, this movie is safer than Action League Now because the blood and diarrhea is all within the TV instead of coating the outside of my screen. The digital age is crazy, man.

The movie is only five bucks if you wanna buy it, or $2 to rent it. Snag it here. You spend more than that on dildos, and that only fucks your holes. This movie fucks your miiiiiind, man.