Date: October 9th, 2020

We need to talk about Stephanie McMahon.

One of my earliest crushes, she knew how to throw it together. It's my firm belief that PVC, lace, leather and latex should be what everyone wears as day-wear as they're going to the grocery store or whatever. And she nailed it. Cute bitch.

But there's a problem in society, where people feel like they have to stop dressing cute because they get older. They act like they don't have a choice.

So as Stephanie got older, she started wearing these blocky dresses instead of the Raccoon-approved PVC and leather.

It's like she betrayed the entire cybergrunge community, and it's something I find hard to forgive her for. But that's not why we're here talking about her right now.

See, she used to be able to smile like a human being. But for some reason, she's forgotten. Maybe it's the whole "being a corporate drone" thing. It sapped her life out. But look at this fucking badger-ass smile she's got going on:

What the fuck is that? That's not even a human emotion. It's like that scene in Terminator where he tries to learn how to smile based on analyzing someone else doing it.

The Fiend has a better smile than her.

Maybe she's become a soul-eating succubus. Maybe that's what happened to Shawn Michaels' smile!

Shit! She sapped out the very essence of this man's soul!

I take it back. She rules.

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